NavCoin Community News

Project Overview

This Community Fund project is to fund the creation of the weekly news and supporting social media content for 3 months (13 weeks).

Community Fund Proposal

Weekly Tasks

Collating, Writing & Publishing the Weekly News (4 hours @ USD$50/hour)

Owner: Craig MacGregor

  • NavHub Article
  • Medium Article
  • MailChimp Email
  • Signal Post
  • Twitter Post
  • Facebook Post
  • BitcoinTalk Post
  • Discord Post
  • Telegram Post

Digesting the weekly news into scheduled social posts (4 hours @ USD$50/hour)

Owner: Laura Harris

  • 2 posts per day during the week on both Twitter & Facebook
  • 1 post per day over the weekend on both Twitter & Facebook
  • 3 posts per week highlighting NavCoin features & values
  • Creating custom images and short video clips as required

Total: 15 posts per week across both Twitter & Facebook

Services Used

MailChimp (USD$75.00/month)

Currently sending weekly email to 5,692 subscribers, plan allows u to 10,000 subscribers.

Canva (USD$119.40/year)

Used to design the social post imagery and article hero image.

Buffer (USD$144.00/year)

Used to queue up the social posts and automatically post them over the week during peak read periods of the major timezones.

Byteable (free)

Used to create short animated video clips to go with important social posts.

Unsplash (free)

Used to source stock imagery for social posts and news article headings.

Cost Summary

Weekly Tasks: 13 weeks * 8 hours per week = 104 hours * USD$50 / hour = $5,200.

Services: 3 months * ((75 + 119.40 + 144) / 12) = USD$84.60.

Current NAV Price: $0.164245

At this rate, the total proposal amount would be for 32,175 NAV.

We realise this is a large portion of the community fund at current prices and are happy to perform these duties at a reduced rate of $35 per hour for this first 3 month period.

104 hours * USD$35 + USD$84.60 = USD$3724.60 = 22,677 NAV.

Payment Requests would be split evenly over 3 months with 1 payment request being entered per month in arrears to the work being done.

The proposal timeframe has been set to 4 months to give 1 month to submit the final payment request.

Reference Work

To view our previous work simply browse;