Check out the list of teams working on NavCoin projects here

A list of the teams working on NavCoin. You can also check out the 'Spaces' in the directory link in the top menu to get an overview of all the different Spaces/Teams.

NavCoin Core Protocol Developers

Description: The NavCoin core protocol developers are dedicated to building & maintaining the network - to ensure security, stability, and continual innovation.

Click here for NavCoin dev channel on Discord

Currently looking for members? Yes

Key Project:

  • NavCoin protocol (layer 1) development

Encrypt S

Description: Encrypt S is a blockchain research & development lab that primarily contributes to NavCoin & Valence. The Encrypt S team contribute to the NavCoin core protocol, while also building products on top of it, and creating content to support/share the work our developers do.

Click here for Encrypt S Website

Key Projects:

  • NavPi
  • NavTech
  • Kauri Wallet
  • NavPay

NavCoin ATM

Description: A space to help develop the design for the upcoming NavCoin ATM's.

Currently looking for members? Yes! Looking for designers to help out.

Click here for NavCoin ATM Space

Content Writing Team

Description: We're looking for writers! If you'd like to help out with writing articles/content for NavCoin, join here. You don't necessarily need previous experience to get involved, we aim to help each other out through sharing article ideas, reviewing draft copy, and helping promote each other's content.

Currently looking for members? Yes! Looking for writers to help out

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(Discord channel for now, but this will move to this site soon)

Create Your Space

Description: Start your own Space and add a message into the 'Teams' stream