NavPool is an open source platform for NavCoin holders to securely cold stake their Nav without the expectation of running a full node.

For holders with a balance less than 5,000 NavCoin, running a full node can be expensive and will dilute any financial gains of their stake rewards. This cost can prohibit user involvement as they cannot afford to stake. NavPool aims to resolve this by offering a staking pool that is free to use and provides full network participation for users.

NavPool's main focus is on aiding network participation. NavPool securely passes on voting rights for community fund proposals and payment requests to users. When a NavPool user stakes a new block, their community fund votes will be applied and the stake reward will be sent directly to their private wallet.

NavPool is currently in development by community member ProdPeak.

To implement a staking pool that is able to provide voting rights to users, the following tasks are required:

  1. Fork of NavCoin core to apply cfund votes based on staking address as opposed to the node preferences.
  2. API to interact with the forked node and securely relay messages from users.
  3. Public website to introduce the pool and offer setup tutorials and documentation.
  4. Dashboard website to facilitate community fund voting and viewing pool statistics.
  5. Integration with existing wallets (NavPay, Next, etc)

This Community fund proposal is in place to support the development and design required to launch and host the NavPool service.