The community managed navcoin blockchain explorer

NavExplorer was launched in March 2018 to provide NavCoin with their own dedicated Blockchain explorer.

The explorer offers the following features:

  1. Monitors block and transaction data for confirmed block on the network
  2. Monitors all transaction data for every known address
  3. Offers real-time information on all upcoming soft forks
  4. Offers real-time information on Community fund proposals and payment requests

The explorer is open source and is under ongoing development, taking steer from community member requirements.

Since its launch in March 2018 all hosting costs have been absorbed by community member Prodpeak.

The current monthly costs (depending on bandwidth usage) is around $100. At todays rate, that transalates to around 450-500 NAV/month

I would like to propose that from December 2018 onwards the cost to host is funded by the community. This proposal is to cover up to 12 months of hosting.

Each month a payment request will be made to cover the hosting costs for that month. The USD/NAV exchange rate used will be the rate at 09:00 UTC on the day the hosting invoice was issued. The hosting invoice will be published along side each payment request.

If the value of NAV should increase against the dollar and there is unspent NAV in this proposal it will be automatically returned to the community as unspent.

If the value of Nav should decrease against the dollar then this proposal will consume the requested NAV at a higher than expected rate and the proposal will complete earlier than the proposed 12 months.