NavCoin Sticker Creation



Public awareness and therefore also mainstream adoption is one of the most important things to achieve for any cryptocurrency.

One way to increase awareness is by creating stickers which you can post to different places like your car, the window of your store etc.

This proposal is to get the things needed, to print and cut NAV stickers and send them out to the people interested in it in community.

What is needed?

  • Silhouette portrait 2 - CHF200.00.- - 1100 NAV (at current price of $0.18)
  • Vinyl (black & white matte, transfer paper) - CHF50 - 270 NAV
  • Poststamps / couverts etc. - CHF50 - 270 NAV
  • Work (creating template, printing, cutting, sending, etc.) - 360 NAV

Duration: approx. 7 days to get everything started

Total: 2000 NAV

What will I provide?

When accepted, I will be able to send a sticker to everyone in the community who wants one. I will print, cut, add transfer paper and send them to you. Additionally, I will create and send the template to everyone who is interested.

What does it look like?

Maybe you remember the prototype I made. This is what it looks like on my car:


And here a prototype for my handy cover: nav_proposal_2_notext.jpg

And another car shot: nav1.2.jpg