NavCoin Core Internships

Community Fund proposal to sponsor summer internships working with the NavCoin Core team.


NavCoin Core are looking to onboard interns over the NZ summer (December - February) while the local Universities are on holiday.

There are a wide range of positions available, we're not only looking for CompSci majors. If you're an aspiring developer, web designer, motion graphics designer, marketer, copywriter, or you think you could bring something else to the table, please send your CV to along with a bit of a description of what you would you're interested in contributing to.

This Community Fund proposal is to sponsor the internships.

Duration: 10 weeks between December 1 and February 28

Break: 2 weeks off for Christmas & New Year

Internships: 5 available positions

Payment: 200 NAV per intern per week

Total: 10,000 NAV