NavCoin Black Friday Twitter Giveaway

Main Idea: It might be timely to do a #BlackFriday giveaway. The Goal: To spread awareness of the latest NavCoin developments - throug a well thought out image including the lates news about NavCoin. _________________________________________________________ Giveaway Ideas: 1. A NavPi Stake Box(s) 2. X amount of NavCoin 3. NavCoin Swag ________________________________________________________ How it could work: 1. Determine the Giveaways 2. Come up with a #Hashtag like #NavCoinBlackFriday 3. Create an Image that includes the following: #Hashtag and latest NavCoin developments. 4. In order to be considered for the Giveaway, each person needs to Retweet the image and include #NavCoinBlackFriday. Perhaps the person also has to write an idea for the community fund?

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