Ledger Nano S Integration

This space regards our proposal to implement the full integration of NavCoin into Ledger Nano S


Proposal: Ledger Nano S Integration for NavCoin

-------------------- UPDATE --------------------

Our aim is not to drain the community fund. We think it's an amazing tool and the whole community should benefit from it. Our aim is just being fairly paid for the work and the effort needed for this project. That being said, our max request will be in total the equivalence in Nav of 22k Dollars divided in:

- 8k Dollars in NAV for Milestone 1

- 8k Dollars in NAV for Milestone 2

- 6k Dollars in NAV for Milestone 3

This means that if Nav Price will recover, we are going to ask a lot less than 135k as proposed. 135k NAV is the maximum we can request, even if the price won't recover.


Who are we?

We are hirish and vekexasia, two developers who love to put their energy into crypto ecosystem.

We are the guys behind Lisk and Rise Ledger Integration:

We did the whole code and review process, starting from the ledger app until the integration in a full working wallet.

What we propose

Our proposal include:

  • Writing Ledger application code for NavCoin with support to ALL NavCoin transactions types.
  • Following the entire Ledger QA process in order the code to be validated and officially integrated in their repositories (reviews from LedgerHQ takes time because of their high QA standards)
  • Publishing the NavCoin Ledger application in the official Ledger Live app (in Development Mode).
  • Writing an easy-to-use library (JS/TS for NodeJs/Browser or Python) for an easy integration of Ledger functionalities in your NavCoin wallet
  • Fully unit-tested code with high QA standards
  • First support for wallet developers

What we ask

For our work and support we ask 135k NAV through Community Fund. Deadline is 1 year.


In order to facilitate our work we have a roadmap with clear milestones:

  1. Milestone 1: Video demo on Youtube -> Request of 8k$ equivalent in NAV. We will release a demo with a working version of ledger app with real transactions on testnet.
  2. Milestone 2: Publish of NavCoin Ledger App in Ledger Live under "Development Mode" -> Request of 8k$ equivalent in NAV. This step means that the QA process on LedgerHQ side went well and now the app is installable through Ledger Live Development Mode.
  3. Milestone 3: Publish of JS/TS or Python Library -> Request of 6k$ equivalent in NAV. This library will help developers to integrate Ledger functionalities in their NavCoin wallets.

After each milestone we are going to request the payment in order to continue our development. After these 3 steps our job is done. In order to exit from Development Mode there is the need to integrate Ledger in a working NavCoin wallet and publish a guide like I did for Lisk (https://medium.com/@hirishh/how-to-use-ledger-nano-s-with-lisk-22763eb54d03). Of course we are going to help developers through the whole process and facilitate communications with LedgerHQ.

What you can expect from us

We are professionals, expect a professional product.

And now... Vote for us!

If you like our proposal, please vote yes!

proposalvote 4cdf6475fe73427662d12bac606e79b3045c189ccf20c94dfad9b47be249aec5 yes

Otherwise vote no :(

proposalvote 4cdf6475fe73427662d12bac606e79b3045c189ccf20c94dfad9b47be249aec5 no

More Links:

Be in contact with us!

We are always available to NAV Community. If you have doubts or question, please contact us and participate to our collab space: https://collab.navcoin.org/s/ledger-nano-s-integration/

hirish and veke