Introducing Navcoin to new audiences

Translation of NAVCOIN.ORG to Czech and Slovak (Introducing Navcoin to new audiences pt. 1/2) To increase the visibility of Navcoin and its community I would love to translate the whole webpage to Czech and Slovak language, which would open the ideas and technology described therein to approximately 15 million people in Czech Republic (10 mln.) and Slovak Republic (5 mln.) Please note that I am an official state certificated translator to Slovak-English and I can also fluently communicate in Czech, so you can expect high level of the language translating skills. Once the translations are completed any other promoting activities could follow to direct new people to website in their languages, which would increase the visibility and adoption of Navcoin technology. I personally could do a good deal of promotion of during the drug prevention lectures in Slovakia, which is a follow-up project to be submitted after the translation job is done (please see pt. 2). Requested amount: 5000 NAV Promotion of Navcoin during drug prevention lectures in schools (Introducing Navcoin to new audiences pt. 2/2) Upon achievement of goal 1 (translation of NAVCOIN.ORG to Czech and Slovak language) I would like to make lectures on drug information and prevention in Slovak high schools (targeting students from age of 15 to 19 years) taking special time of at least 15 minutes at the end of every lecture stating that the lectures were funded by the navcoin community fund. During this special time I will provide students with brief explanation what the Navcoin cryptocurrency is, how it works and what are its benefit (possibly providing further help in joining Slovak navcommunity for interested individuals). I will also direct the students to website that would be already available in Slovak language. I know that the drug prevention lectures would be probably perceived as charity not directly connected the goals of navcoin community, however the suitable chosen words about the funding by the navcoin community fund at the end of each lecture (as obligatory acknowledgement to the donor) can attract many talented young people (not hindered by old paradigms) to increase the active numbers of navcommunity and be helpful to further promoting its goals. I plan to cover 20 high schools targeting 2000+ students. As a legal advisor and NGO activist I am working as a professional in the area for 10 years and I know there is very high demand from the Slovak schools for drug prevention lectures. The problem is that the funding by the Slovak Republic institutions is very unreliable and/or corrupted and the money are rarely flowing to fund these activities despite very high social demand. I believe I can use this high demand for drug prevention education in connection with Navcoin Community Funding to introduce the Navcoin ideas and technology to new young open-minded people, who will constitute the core of the next social and technological revolution linked with the use of cryptocurrencies in daily life. Please note that this promotion part of the project (2/2) will only be submitted after the completion of the translation part (1/2) Requested amount: 15000 NAV

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