Increasing Awareness of NAV


Hello NAV Community

This is the description to my community fund proposal.
If you have any questions, just ask them here or in discord :-)

Increasing the Awareness of NAV inside the Crypto Community

All of us know, that NAV is by far better than my of the cryptocurrencies, that are ahead of NAV in market cap. Despite the bear market, the NAV community and the core team have been able to develop any great features like OpenAlias, Community Fund, Valence Whitepaper, NEXT Wallet, Branding Guidelines, NavPay and much more. Additionally, many more features are in the pipeline like the new privacy option.

But the problem is: the avarage crypto investor doesn't know about these things!

This is where this proposal for the community fund comes in.


I will write a 3000-5000 word article which will take a deep look into the history of NAV, the current features, the whole ecosystem and what the roadmap has to offer for the coming months and years. This article will be published to different social media channels like Reddit, Medium and with my ~1500 Twitter followers. Everyone from the community will be able to use the article as pleased. It can be shared freely or used for other proposals like infos for YouTube videos etc.

Additionally I will do a GiveAway in the reddit post where I will give out NAV to everyone who downloads a NAV wallet (Core, NEXT, NavPay, etc.) and posts his/her address.

I have done informational posts and giveaways before which were a massive success with ~140 downloads of NavPay and people interacting and learn about NAV.