FCAS Rating

Flipside Crypto have approached us about analysing the NavCoin project and issuing it a Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS). The FCAS rating is currently linked into CoinMarketCap, MarketWatch, TheStreet & StockTwits.


To issue the rating Flipside Crypto have stated they require to do the following;

Integrating public and private developer code repositories. The fee for repo ingestion is USD$300.

Integrating chain data - Projects we partner with either provide us a Restful API that is a wrapper on their node, or an endpoint to a hosted node (if you are not an ERC-20). The fee for this is USD$450.

Sub total: USD$750

Additionally I will be required to manage correspondence, handle the payment/crypto conversion and create social posts about the rating once it's completed. The fee for this is USD$300.

Total: USD$1050.

Total NAV: 4,000.00